Whatever your requirements on any given fabrication or component we are able to offer a choice from our wide range of quality finishes.

Bright Polished Finish
A mirror-like opulent finish achieved by using a process which gradually brings the metal to a shine before applying the final ‘rouge’ compound, thus producing the highest quality metal finish possible.

Satin Finish
A contemporary brushed finish which is available in various grades of coarseness. It’s resistance to marking makes it ideal for items that are frequently handled.

Matt Finish
A Bead Blasting method is used for texturing and producing attractive cosmetic finishes, without damaging the base material or altering the dimensions of the treated surface.

Spray Lacquering Coating Finish
Following the finishing process the metal can be coated with lacquer, which offers extra durability and protection from oxidisation of the metal.

Custom Finishing
In the event that you wish to match an existing item, we can guarantee to get the best possible match to the sample provided.