We can provide the services of a great team of experienced professionals, who use an extensive range of high quality cleaning and polishing products. The team specialises in a dry wash and polish technique on your aircraft, without the need to use water.

Upkeep and rejuvenation of the brightwork on your aircraft is taken very seriously. Not only does attention in these areas make your aircraft stand out from the rest, it means that important parts of the flight controls are kept in first class condition. Only approved products are used by our highly skilled team in the process of machine polishing your aircraft to its sparkling best.

Extensive experience in the industry and knowledge gained means that our cleaning specialists have had the opportunity to try out and test many new products. The product that comes out top is Xzilon, which undoubtedly offers your aircraft the very best in molecular surface protection. It can be used on both brightwork and paintwork, leaving surfaces silky-smooth. Xzilon provides protection from damaging UV light that can lead to paintwork dulling. Boeing, Airbus and Gulfstream have all certified Xzilon for use on their aircraft and Gulfstream have further advised that, due to its corrosion protection benefits, it is regularly applied to the paintwork on the Global Express.

Our interior valeting service offers a complete range of capability from a simple, quick turnaround clean through to deep intensive clean with leather clean and treatment. Our quality products furnish us with the ability to remove most small stains.