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September 2009

Hawker 800XP

PC Aviation contacted us in late 2009 to provide them with some advice on the refurbishment of a Hawker 800XP in readiness for sale of the aircraft.

Having already established a successful business relationship with PC Aviation we were delighted when they awarded this project to FAI. The owner was having some difficulty selling his XP in a very competitive market, in which he quickly identified that the interior of his aircraft was below standard when compared with other aircraft of this type also for sale. The transformation of the interior meant that when re-advertised, the aircraft sold quickly and at a very good price, proving this refurbishment was well worth the investment.

I would like to let you know how grateful I am for the work you performed to transform our Hawker from what was undoubtedly a well below standard aircraft into perhaps the best looking 850XP on the market. This was proven by the fact that, of the other eighty or so 850’s on the market, ours has been purchased when many of the others have not.
Peter Campbell PC Aviation