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May 2003

Airbus H135

Having completed many EC135 Helicopters in the past, we knew this one was going to be special!

Airbus contacted us as they had done many times in the past with an H135 completion, the difference with this one was that it was to be their new demonstrator aircraft. Choosing the spec was relatively easy as the customer had a very clear idea of what he wanted. After a few hours of going through the vast choice in our sample room we had an agreed design with materials chosen. With an extremely tight deadline to meet FAI acted immediately and spent that same afternoon assisting the engineers in removal of the interior, before carefully bringing it back to our workshops in Farnborough.

As usual the team here pulled out all of the stops, the interior was completed on time and was reinstalled with the help of the Airbus engineers, a day in advance of the deadline.

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this completion. The helicopters that we are turning out are beyond peer, and you should all be very proud of your work.
 Director of Commercial Business, Airbus Helicopters